A brief list of football clubs that are upgrading

The largest football clubs usually sit near to the top of the table, but the following teams are trying to force themselves into contention.

English football is arguably the most physical and competitive in Europe, which is part of the factor why it is so favored all around the globe. Even though it is so competitive and greatly contested, there are some clubs that are slowly but surely rising up the ladder that is the division table; whilst there are so many teams enhancing, one which has developed radically is Tottenham Hotspur. The club from the north of London has had some fantastic periods in its history, mainly in the 60’s, so the fans have been waiting a long time for a period of good results. Nevertheless, the Tottenham Hotspur owner has helped run and fund a team that is now one of the greatest in the country. By operating the team in a economically balanced way through promoting youth footballers and signing potential instead of the complete product it has contributed to create a positive environment around the team. The excellent aim would be to make the club one of the best football clubs in Europe, while this is a very challenging task and the aim of every team, followers of the north London club can hope they are on the right track.

Italian soccer used to be without question the greatest in Europe and likewise the world, nevertheless in the last 20 years or so it has been surpassed by Spanish and English football. However, the league has seen an increase in financial support from particular clubs, especially one that has spent a huge amount especially on a certain Portuguese player; the increase in funding by one club has led to them winning the division many times in a row. With the entrance of the new AC Milan owner, there is bound to more competition for the title than in the last ten years or so, a fact which is welcomed by most soccer fans in the world. With the skills they have in their group specifically their young Italian keeper, important Spanish winger and so many other promising footballers, their revival may well come earlier instead of later.

A squad which has made the most remarkable rise in modern football comes from eastern Germany. The team rose from the 4th tier of German soccer to now stand in a division position that would see them qualify for the leading European competition, which is an extraordinary rise of the soccer team, from a very small team to one of the leading in the country. In modern football, cash talks, and without it no club can do what this soccer team has. The RB Leipzig chairman has facilitated the fastest rise of a soccer team in European football, which has also been made possible by the huge investment from an energy drink brand which is referenced in the name of the club.

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